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Sound Quality

Using the 1201 in an effects loop in a guitar amp (Marshall JCM 2000 TSL602) is pretty good. Not really interested in the ring-mod typ eeffects (bank C), only the delays, reverbs and choruses (Banks A & B). Turning the input up above half way always clips it. The output can be turned up all the way without any problems. The effects take some "tuning" to get the right sound. The Delays are crystal clear, choruses are very thick but the flanger is a quite bad: not really strong enough. The Reverb options are emmense: from small rooms to huge ambient sounds. I don't really use reverb much, so the delays was what I concentrated on. Absolutely ace.


Well, I got it from a church to try out and it had been sitting dormant there for years. I just plugged in a switched on a it went first time. Ergo, excellent reliability. Design also looks rugged enough, although, as with all rack units, would be best in a rack mount.

General Comments

Great bargin for budget guitarists who still want quality delays. Would still recommend a separate delay/chorus unit but this does a good job.

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