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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

I have played strats for over 20yrs so the style of the guitar I know very well. I play Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Country, Classical, Punk, Goth "what ever". The Strat can do it all and the Starcaster Strat can do a great job at it too. If someone has one and loves the body and design they could always up grade the pick ups if they thinks it would sound better compaired to another guitar. I have a large amp with pedals ect, so its just not that much of a problem. For a guitar that did'nt cost very much it sounds way better then most. My starcaster has no noisy problems and sound clear and bright. Remember there is a lot of up grade parts for these type of guitars at guitar shops and ebay.


I have played this guitar at a number of gigs without any problems. Its just as good as to depend on as any Fender. I always bring more then one guitar to a show as if you break a string you can switch guitars. Then you can change the string later. I would go to a gig and play a Starcaster and have another one on a stand. "No Problems." Its just in case I break a string, it's not easy restring when playing at the same time. lol Most of the parts on it are much like a Fender Strat so they should last just as long and if something breaks it will be easy to replace part.


General Comments

I've played for over 20yrs. I play Acoustic, Strats and Les pauls. 37 guitars at this time and 18 of them are Strats. I've have owned many more but I've out grown there style or they were junk. If I were to have the Starcaster stolen I would buy another. I may buy another anyways you know a different color or to hot rod. I compare it to Frender Stratocaster and also to the Fender Squire Stratocaster. I like the Starcaster over the Squre bullet Strat as it has a better neck. Every guitar has it's own sound, so it's nice to have many you like. At the time I was just going to use it for a custom project but after a set up I just kept it the wat it is as it has a nice sound and feel to it.

Reviewer's Background

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