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Sound Quality

The sound quality is great especially for the price. I use second hand no name guitars,my closest thing to a name brand is Squire custom tele with Semore Dunkin designed p90's.I use a zoom 505,and bass 705 effects. I found the bass guitar pedal perfect for electric guitar as well. I have just bought a second hand GT-3 Boss processor and with it set on Headphones,line in,it is working fantastic as well.Most of the effects are very usefull,you just have to take the time to find one that fits the tune you are doing at the time. Miking amps and acoustic guitars is very good as well.But with anything like this if you experiment and you can get awsome sounds. Bouncing tracks and then adding more bass or compression and then playing that track as well as the original can add alot of colour to a recording.Some of the patches are not real good.But then you can make your own to suit what you want and save them as well.Then import them to your current project.I have a project purely for modified patches which I keep and then if I need one for a current song I am working on I just import them. To easy and really cool.I have not had a noise issue yet with this machine and I run my leads fairly just where ever I can at the time.


All I can say here is brilliant. It just keeps on going and going.I think ZOOM is slightly laughed at because of the name or something.I have three ZOOM products and they have been fantastic.

General Comments

I play anything at all. Plug in keyboards,what ever ,it works. Did you know you can turn records into CD'S and tapes with this thing.It will record from anything that puts out sound through a earplug,headphone socket or av plugs.I have put a sound sample disc for a computer in this thing and it will upload the samples from the disc.

It is brilliantly easy and if you want to delv into it more it still performs.I record drum tracks from a kit in my studio with two condenser mikes and a sure 57.One mike on the left side of the kit and another on the right side and the sure down at the kick drum.Works well.I chose it because the price was fair and it burnt straight to a CD and you can even save the entire project,mixing tracks,the lot to a CD disc and put it away and delete your work.If you ever want to retrieve the project and all your tracks used to make the song you just put the save disc in and upload the project again.

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