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Sound Quality

It's weird. At low, bedroom - level noises I can get a great many sounds out of it, such as the jet-plane flange sound, chorus (and yes there are good chorus sounds to be had, with or without warble), vibrato and some crazy metal-pole type sounds that are basically useless. However when I turn my amp up to gigging volumes, the effect is not heard at all on the distortion channel - even with the gain down. However it is still heard on the clean channel. My setup is Gibson Les Paul w/ Seymour Duncan JB in the Bridge -> Boss Tu-2 Chromatic Tuner -> Dunlop Crybaby 95Q -> Marshall AVT 50. In the effects loop is the Boss Bf-2 -> Boss Ge-7. If anyone can help me with why I can't hear the flange effect on the distortion channel it would be greatly appreciated. Email me at jameznp@bigpond.com


Yeah, it's a boss. I have an AC adaptor though, they chew batteries fast.

General Comments

Overall I think it would be great if it would work when I turn my amp up! At lower levels it really sounds great and I can use it for many songs (I am in a cover band), especially Tool songs, Adam practically never turns his flanger off!... Hopefully someone can email me or reply here as to why I can't hear my flanger at louder volumes. I've seen many bands live with flanger pedals that can be heard even at stadium volumes, so it seems weird. :(

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