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Sound Quality

Really like this effect and it fits perfectly for my needs. I became curious about the low-wattage tube head hype and picked up a Valve Jr. to drive my self-built cabs. Don't get me wrong, the VJ is a sweet little head for hanging at home and enjoying the purity of tone. However, after my first and only gig with this head, I returned it b/c it was extremely noisy and one-sided. Went back to my PowerBlock but still wanted to have an overdriven tube sound available. So I found a guy selling his TS-5 for $20 and picked it up. (This guy was the real deal... came in the original box with the original manual!) Brought it home and after determining where on my board it belonged (I have it first, right after my true-bypass tuner) tried it out. Bottom line is I found the tone I wanted. Perfect clipping, excellent response when rolling back the volume on my guitar, and a truly dynamic range when picking soft or hard strumming. Sounds fantastic on both the bridge and neck pickups on my Tele. Looking forward to trying it out with my RG120 as well. Sound is better than a germanium-modded DS-1 that a buddy of mine gave me. And I mean A LOT better.


We play a lot of shows and I take care of my stuff. Unfortunately, load-in guys at some venues don't. I built my board inside a flight case so I'm not too worried about this pedal being broken. However, I will probably look into transferring the PCB to a metal box and add a true bypass switch. For now, I'll be the one handling my pedal case!


General Comments

I heard a ton of good info on the Tube Screamer line and now I know why. It's simply a great effect that emulates a tube tone without the tube.

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