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Sound Quality

I use the Tubeman with the following setups. 1) LAG Roxanne Prestige to Tubeman. Guitar amp output of the Tubeman to Boss GE-7 EQ and then to the parallel guitar amp effects return (Fender SS Performer 100. Good clean, very bad dist. sound). Of course the amp still doesn't sound like a tube amp but the Tubeman in front of it really improves the sound. Normally I use this setup for live playing with an A/B box. Channel A connect to the amp input (amp set to clean channel) and channel B connected to the Tubeman. Then I have the 3 channels of the Tubeman and the clean channel of my amp! 2) Same as above but now the amp is a Line6 Pod Pro and I don't need the GE-7. The Pod is set to a flat tube preamp (drive 0, tone at 12:00) and the cabinet simulation is set to a 4x12" stack. Of course this setup is used at home. Compared to the Pod simulations the 3 channels of the Tubeman sound like "modern class A" and "british hi gain". IMHO. But you have much more dynamics with the Tubeman. It doesn't sound so processed. Oh, I have to say that it is the best sound I've ever heard from an amp sim. The Tubeman as a preamp and the Pod as a cabinet simulator. That rules. Better than ADA MP-1 with ADA Ampulator. I will try this setup in one of our following rehearsals since I think it might be a good live setup (direct to PA). No more carrying a guitar amp and a PA. But at this time I'm to lazy to carry the Pod to our rehearsal room because it is build into a rack system with several other effect processors which are connected to my mixer. Negatives: 1) I don't like the "to mixer output". Too harsh sounding with channel 2 and 3. 2) The external power supply. Positives: 1) If you roll off the volume on your guitar then the Tubeman will clean up very nicely like a real tube amp. 2) The crunch channel has enough gain for classic '70 and '80 rock rhythm guitar playing. Even for power chords. 3) No. 2) of course means that the lead channel has even more gain. 4) It has not enough gain for nu rock. So only guitarists who master their guitar will need a Tubeman. I think it's okay for everthing from blues or jazz to hard rock. If you need more gain then go buying a V-Twin.


The foot switches needed a bit oil but I don't like oil in electronic devices. Therefore I used electronic contact spray.

General Comments

I would buy a Tubeman 2 again. It's versatile and has great sounds.

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