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Sound Quality

I use this item with a couple of Ibanez iceman guitars. It is run through a carvin stereo EQ into a mosvalve stereo power amp. The noise gate is a little restrictive and some of the factory presets are only good if you play in a steely dan cover band, but All the digital aspects really smoke.


This piece of gear is a horse. I've used it non-stop since the day i bought it. It's been dropped a few times and continues to function perfectly. Before i got this item i had a Quadraverb GT and its internal battery went out six months after i bought it. I lost all my programs and then had to re-initialize it everytime i turned it on. yet The digitech just keeps on going. the s-disc storage is pretty convenient.

General Comments

I play in several different bands. one is a Modern Black metal band, another a country/punk band and the other is an ambient/space music outfit. This unit plays to all those(with quite a bit of tweakage. If i lost this item I would probably buy something made in the last couple of years, the features have really come a long way recently.

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