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Michael J Coe

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

This part is the winner. The tone out of this unit is TRUE marshall. I'm an EVH freak and this unit will replicate his tone to the T if u know how to tweak it and have the right external gear. Use this preamp with an all tube poweramp and celestions or u wont hear the true magic of the unit. I use a wolfgang special, marshall el34 50 50 poweramp and 2 2x12 carvin cabs with vintage 30 speakers. I run a rocktron xpression thru the fx loop. And of course I have a bunch of effects pedals. I suggest for that true EVHish' type tone, set the gains alittle lower on the jmp and run a tube screamer or a boss sd1 in front of it. You'll lose your mind!!! This is the finest preamp by far ive ever used! "BUY ONE"


Like I said, ive had this for 6 years and never had a problem with the unit. Ide use it live without a backup. Its built like a tank...

General Comments

Overall I have to say that if u love the marshall tone, I cant see why ude ever buy a marshall head. This thing will give u a full library of true marshall tone at the flick of a footswitch. From vintage plexi to the screaming bite of a jcm 2000. The clean channels are ok and useable but not the best so ill give this section a 9.Ide go with a fender or jazz chorus for that and just A/b it. Oh and for the reviewers who say this thing has no gain, either they have no idea how to use this or there simply not marshall fans. Dont listen to them, buy one and if u want buy a good overdrive pedal and you'll be in TOTAL HEAVEN......

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