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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

After getting the strings broke in, and doing nothing else other than tune, the starcaster sounded good. Very good playability. I was really surprised how well the guitar played, with seemed to indicate that it was fairly well set up. The guitar did not come with a manual, so I downloaded a american strat manual off the Fender website, then proceeded to make the adjustments. Play is very good especially after string height and pickup adjustment. Sound is very good considering the small 10w practice amp. For a home practice amp, with the distortion button in the clean position, absolutely no complaints. I'll probably never use the distortion position as it sounds pretty crappy.


Definitely get a good strap as the ends probably won't last long. Not much confidence in the tuner nuts. Otherwise, a solid guitar that should last a long time.


General Comments

I've only recently gotten back into playing guitar after about a 20 year haitus. Prior to that, I played mostly acoustics over a period of about 15-20 years. My playing style has mostly been heavy rythmn classic and country rock. I bought the starcaster pack to mostly see if I wanted to get seriously back into guitar without spending a lot of money. So far, I've been so happy with it, that I'm already planning to upgrade the tuners and pickups. For me, at the age of 52, this is a project guitar. In about a year, you probably won't recognise it. So if stolen, I'd probably get another or go to a MIM strat. For beginning guitar players, this is an outstanding value. Just recommend getting someone knowledgable about electric guitars to show you how to make all of the adjustments and get it properly set up(this is critical). If you like to tinker with stuff, get the fender stratocaster manual and everything you need to make the Starcaster adjustments is there. The electronic tuner works great. Not sure how I survived without one before. For $200, this is a great buy.

Reviewer's Background

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