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Sound Quality

i just picked this up i dont usually use any thing other than amp distortion but my 84 jcm 800 is a pain in the ars to make quick changes on stage.... i don't... do not... i havent since highschool... played anything that is metal appart from maybe some of my solos, and i love the sound it is perfect when you keep the distortion under 5 or middle or noon or whatever. fact of the matter is this is versatility at its finest.


i hear it is great havent had it long enough to break it though :P

General Comments

this is great for me and im not a metal head by any means i am excited to use it on upcoming gigs tours and even in the studio! for an idea of the type of music im using this in go to; bernadetteconnors.com and cheack out some tracks its not metal...

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