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EMG EMG-ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker Set

Sound Quality

output is hot as hell im using a peavey special 212 with a EHX metal muff and small clone i play every type of heavey music from hardcore to deathmetal; awsome match the pickups are great no matter where you put them, except the 85 thats meant for the neck not the bridge but the 81 can do fine in the neck


General Comments

if it were stolen i would like to buy it again, but moneys hard to find these days and id prolly find somthin cheaper, or just used EMGs

one thing i wish these had were cleans. i like playing blues by myself when im just practicing, but you can achieve a decent clean tone by using the neck pickup and rolling the tone knob back a bit.

im VERY satisfied with with pickup i couldnt be happier. these pickups not only sound awsome, but make the guitar look great. EMGs are the best looking pickups out there.

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