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Sound Quality

I use a Kramer axe with a Marshall valvestate. It cranks overdrive really good and I can get "hot" sounds that are relatively natural. This unit is noisy when distortions are dialed high, though. The noise gate helps, but significantly reduces lingering sustain due to cutting off the signal. I have always kept the noise gate at 2 to 3 to keep as much signal as possible, but 3 is a real trade-off in my opinion. The delays are good, especially tap delay: they are fully controllable and their mix in the signal can be adjusted at the post settings as well. The chorus is smooth but not lush, it doesn't come through like a Boss chorus. EQ is reasonably good in spite of it only being seven band. Distortions are very good for basic rock. the overdrive distortion is the one I use the most since I favor overdrive/heavy overdrive rather than metal. I get great lead tones out of this baby with the use of the compressor and chorus. As a matter of fact most of my tones have some level of both effects. The chorus has predelay settings which affect the overall response of the effect. This works well for fine tuning an effect and developing a more natural sounding reponse from it. I've never tried to mimic any signature sound with this unit, after all, it's not a modeling board.


It has been reliable, but it started having display problems at some point. The display starts flickering and showing scrambled letters and fades in and out. Hey, it's an old board. I usually restart the board to clear out the glitches, and sometimes I have to do it several times before it clears up.

General Comments

Great sounding board. When trying to update my gear, it's hard to find anything today that renders some of the basic sound and feel that this pedal has. All the modeling stuff is too artificial. I keep sticking with this unit for that reason. I wish it had an on-off switch, a wah, a better direct-out cabinet emulation so I don't have to use an amp in some cases, and a low inpedance out jack. It would be nice to be able to get a second one for backup and it would allow me to have one while I get the other unit's display repaired.

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