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Sound Quality

I agree with the reviewer who said the sound is warm and fat as well as being twangy at the same time. And another reviewer who said the sound doesn't so much cut through as POWER through. it is a dark sounding guitar, I leave the treble full up on the guitar and on my amp.


Guitar looks to me to be brand new, even though I'm the 3rd owner.


General Comments

Been playing since 1983. The amp I used at home is a 1965 Airline amp, 6 watts, single 6v6 power tube, 10 inch Jensen, reverb and trem. I also have a Traynor YCV-40, a 1968 Ampeg reverberocket, and a JC-120.


Other guitars are a Danelectro DC-59, a 1962 Goya Panther with minihumbuckers, a Dillion Les Paul copy, Gibson SG-I, Squier 51, and a PRS CE-22.


What I love most about this guitar is the sound. It is really pleasing to the ear. As mentioned before, it has fatness and warmth yet plenty of twang at the same time. A weird paradox.


I would have liked deeper cutaways to allow easier upper fret access.

Reviewer's Background

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