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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It's very good guitar for beginners who do not need tremolo and high-gain sound. If you need any of that look somewhere else: high gain makes those pickups squeal like pigs with enormeous hum and even slight touch on tremolo bar makes it to go out of tune. I'll replace it soon because it doesn't suit my style Satriani/Vai. On positions 2 and 4, two pickups work in hum-cancelling, so hum is lower. For clean it's very good sounding, as well as rock distortion.


It is actually solid. In 4 years I had only one problem - solder work is done very lousey, so output jack had bad contact producing even more noise. Finish is very solid, better than any cheaper Ibanez, for example (they all have cracks on neck joint) and it doesn't have a scratch yet. Though I look after it very well :) Strap buttons are very solid, no problems yet. I think it's reliable enough for gig


General Comments

I've been playing for 5 years, have this for about 4. If it were stolen I wouldn't get another one, but not because it's that bad; I just over-grew it. It's great guitar for beginners (other than heavy/death/trash metal) who do not use tremolo at all. If you plan to buy this guitar get model with non-tremolo bridge. I also recommend replancing stock pickups with some better ones (maybe Stew Mac's golden age pickups, they are not expensive) if you plan anything serious.

Reviewer's Background

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