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Sound Quality

I am currently using this as my master fx for laptops and turn tabels and even when it is in bypass mode there is a little bit of loss of sound however I am running a crud load of stuff through it. The lo-fi and ring modulator setting create a little bit of distortion when the wetness is turned all the way down but if you really want to pixilate your sound and push it twist it and possibly blow a P.A. these settings will do it. I mean this is the real deal Roland did not hold back with these two fx they are nasty and I like them that way. The low pass filter is one of the best I have ever heard. The cut is super deer and the res is sharp as a knife. The isolator makes up for sound loss if you really just want to bost a track I have used it alot when I felt that the p.a. was e.q. poorly. The flange is ok i would like a little bit more control over it and the same goes for the phaser however I have came up with some really cool loops using the sequencer with these functions. The reverb is has two redeaming qualites it has a long decay time and you can make cool industrial sounds but as far as sound the fruity reverb is ten times better. The internal vocodor kinda stinks (you can get a early kraft work sound out of it) but if you use the vocodor to mix to external sounds its awsome in fact unbelievable. With the voice, pitch delay, and ring modulator you can mimic any skinny puppy, or afx twin type vocals. As far as cliks and pops if you use the slide function they will go away. I like them however you can get some great rythms. Overall I would not say this is for the faint of heart. Alot of the fx can really grab the sound and twist it however if you have a light touch you can keep that from happening and still have the fire power for when you need it. This is a box so I am giving it a nine I am sure that if you spent 2000 for an fx unit that only did one effect it would sound better but it would not be nearly as fun.


It always turns on for me (knock on wood) I use it every day for about two too eight hours never gets hot and always does what its told. I did buy it used and I have to tap the power supply (the guy on ebay didnt say anything about that) its been that way sence I got it I think it was a factory reject because it was still wraped up. So I would think no else would have that problem.


General Comments

I do ambient, drum n bass, experimental, and some chill stuff. I use it for all of them. My sets are more alive now no matter what I am doing because I write alot of loops and sampling on the fly it really comes in handy to blend push or pull the over all sound the way I want it to go. One thing that I really dont like about it is that if your not paying attention the volume will either rise or fall when you turn the fx on or off (this can be avoided by adjusting the input or output. I also do not like how it clicks when you change to effect. It only does that when it is the effect is on so just turn the effect off and switch effects. I compared this product to alot of others and I am glad that I got this one. If I lost it I would get another one it is a very creative machine. Then only other thing that I would suggest over it and this is only if you want a cleaner sound is the pioneer efx 500. If you want versatility get the roland

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