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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I use this with with a laney LC 30. Pure fking heaven. That's all I got to say. Its my number one OD. Better than the TS 10 and more rugged. Sometimes I use the direct out into the Laney for a change of pace. Its a little smoother. Mostly using the amp out and setting it to sound just like the laney sounds dry. no problem. Using a Epiphone G400 sg guitar with gibson burstbuckers going into the bad monkey then into the laney. Makes fat greasy butter on everything. I fouled me drawers when i opened up with this. Fkin great drive and sustain with almost 100 percent transparency. I love this thing. Too fkin good for 30 bucks.


compared to the ibanez TS10 this is a lot better built. It's almost 2 pounds of metal and the whole bottom is rubber. tough took me a while to figure out the battery thing.

General Comments

This costs 40 new. its the biggest no braner in the world. your just stupid if you own a decent tube rig and you aint got one of these yet. WTF are you waiting for?????

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