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Sound Quality

The effects on this box are awesome. Its got some great distortions to choose from, and they all can be modified to your liking. A few distortions can be a little noisy on my amp (a fender amp), but it has a noise reduction option that takes most, if not all, of that away. I bought this unit because there were various sounds that i wanted (such as echo and flanger and distortions) and i couldnt afford separate stomp boxes. I got all the sounds i wanted out of this, AND MORE!! There are a few kinda weird effects that i know i wouldn't use, but for the most part the effects are great. The U-vibe on it sounds great too. The only drawback is that when you have a pedal effect (wah or talker) on it automatically switches off the modulation effects (the choruses and the phasers, etc.), which is somewhat limiting, but still can get great sounds--IF YOU WANT GREAT SOUNDS AND DON'T WANT TO SPEND A FORTUNE GET THIS EFFECTS BOX!!! This is a great buy...I tried out others such as digitech's RP2000 and RP7, and DOD multieffect boards and they had too much stuff i didn't need, weren't as easy to use, and didn't even sound as good, and the Korg AX1000G was cheaper too.


VERY RELIABLE. Metal outside. Looks very sturdy. Don't need a backup.

General Comments

I play alot of rock, classic rock, and some alternative type music, and the effects and distortions are a great match. This thing could match pretty much any music type in my opinion. ITS VERY VERSATILE. I've been playing 7 years and this is one of the best investments i've made. I also own a couple effects boxes and a Taylor acoustic, and and Ibanex electric, and this is a great addition to my sound. This gives me more versatility with my music, and it seems that I can do alot more with my guitar now. It has so many great features that are a joy to have. The chromatic tuner is great, and the metronome and "phrase trainer" I haven't even used yet. If this was stolen, i would definately go with this one again. I don't think anything would beat it unless you spend ALOT more.

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