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Sound Quality

At first I was impressed by the grunge distorsion, and I still think it has a very good Metal sound, but there are some flaws in the pedal... I use a Jackson Kelly Std guitar with a 30W Marshall Valvestate Amp, and I get a fairly good distorsion for Black Metal and Heavy metal, but when I tried to use the Wah and the grunge distorsion I got this awful squeaky noise, (it sounds okay without distorsion, but If you are looking for a cry baby you won't find it here, it doesn't have a very good range). Another thing that bothers me is how the notes have too much feedback, you can't hear them clearly. and another thing is when you have the noise gate on and you're playing a sustained note the pedal cuts the sound suddenly when the volume decreases a certain level. The good things are the echo effects, and the possibility to modify effects with the expression pedal, but there's not a real delay in this pedal. But you do get a good general sound because of the great metal distorsion it has, one of the best I've heard, next to Metal Zone. the Multieffects are not professional... just to begin with


I used it to rehearse, and after a 1 year and 1/2 using it the tuning option got a little screwed up. It said the note was 1/2 step higher than it really was (?!)but after a week it was working okay again. I woundn't step on it too hard, I doesn't feel too firm and stable. I'm afraid it could crack if you put too much weight on it, unlike the metal bodied Boss pedals. The exression pedal is made of plastic too. I certainly wouldn't go to the studio with this, because when you change bank channels it takes the sound a fraction of a second to switch to that channel, so it's not completely instanteneous. also beause of the noise gate that suddenly cuts the note (if you don't have the noise gate on you get a pretty fuzzy background noise). So for that same reason I wouldn't use it on a gig.

General Comments

I've tried other pedals and I get a very good distorsion with this one, but if it got stolen I certainly wouldn't buy it again. I'd probably get a Metal Zone and a EQ band modifier. The effects this pedal offers don't quite give you what you're looking for, so they're not really of much use, at least for the music I play (black metal, Power metal and melodic death). And if you want to play something softer like Led zeppelin or classic rock you won't like it very much either: it only has high levels of distortion. The biggest flaw I think it has is the noise gate that cuts the sound when you are playing a sustained note. I'd get something else if I could choose again.

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