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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It fits the style I got it for. I play all kinds of music. I have owned hundreds of guitars but have never had an SG style. The sound is very articulate and sounds like an SG should. I was interested in the American Faded series but comparing them in the local guitar barn the Faded felt cheap. I wanted the real Gibson, even though I can afford the best I settled on the Epi simply for bang for the buck. It's nearly as nice as the more expensive SG's for a whole lot less. The Chinese are making good guitars these days.


The Epi is well built and would withstand live playing no problem. I always play without a back-up, after 30 years of playing out I have never had any major problems, I don't throw my guitars around when I play....I do carry extra strings, a screwdriver, truss rod wrench, and a pair of pliers for on site repairs if needed.

General Comments

Playing 40 plus years. I knew what I was buying so didn't worry about asking questions. If it got ripped off I would likely get another. I like it because it does the SG thing real well. I compared it to an SG Faded and as far as I am concerned the Chinese Epi blows it away. The Faded SG felt very cheap, but if that's your taste then whatever suits you. I wouldn't pay double the money to have an expensive name tag. I would suggest to go to your local guitar barn and try it out. I looked at several, they are not always equal but all were well worth the cash.

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