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Eastwood Guitars Airline DLX

Sound Quality

This guitar looks awesome and is quite amazing. I love its sound, and it's impressive how it can play about any style of music. I even tried to play some hardcore with it, the sound was heavier than a Gibson Les Paul's. It's also perfect for vintage rock or regular pop/Rock. However, it might not be perfect if you look for a crystal clear sound. The sound is fastly distorted, with only a little gain.


It's a nice guitar to play live. The neck is a little large, so you'd better have practiced on a classical guitar first if you really want to handle it well. But i's really playable. The position of the top-knobs is a bit disturbing, however, and you can move them a bit without wanting it while playing stand up holding the guitar low.


General Comments

This guitar is great and quite cheap for whatit is.

Reviewer's Background

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