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Sound Quality

Overall sound quality is very good as always with Zoom recorders. It also has good effects, but it would be nice if external effects could be used too. There are many useable effects and they are just presets. Some guitar fx are very good, though I also use a standalone gtr preamp for recordings. Send/return effects are good quality (from Zoom RFX -series I think).


Haven¿t had it for more than a couple of days, but it seems well built and everything works. Can¿t really tell my opinion yet.

General Comments

MRS-1608CD is a great machine. It¿s just about perfect for what I do i.e. record my band or make my own music at home. It¿s cheaper than many other 16 track digital multitrackers (for example Boss, Tascam or Korg), yet it¿s more versatile, it has a built in drum machine (great) and even a sampler (you can play the samples by using drum machine`s pads). I wish I could use external fx, but it doesn¿t bother me that much. It¿s easy to use and it sounds great, that¿s what counts!

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