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Sound Quality

Mostt effects are decent, but shallow. Some hiss more than others. I have rated other DOD effects and always have the same bitch, but you get what you pay for.... I consider a '5' to be run of the mill.


It always works, and always gives me the same amount of hiss, so I would say it is dependable to be consistantly noisy.

General Comments

I play whatever people will pay to hire me, from country to semi-hard rock. I do a one man show with backtracks and MIDI support and effects control. I only played bass to do the backtracks, but now do it all in MIDI. If somebody stole it from me, I wouldn't care but would still put a bullet in his or hers ass, but would hope that while removing the bullet, that their insurance would fix their hearing so that they could hear the his this thing makes. At least after the bullet was removed, they would know that stealing this thing was a stupid thing to do!

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