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Sound Quality

The Intellifex LTD has the following effects: chorus, delay, reverb, pitch shifter, HUSH system, ducker. Sound quality is good. Reverbs sound convincing, and are -- in my opinion -- the best feature in this unit. They've got many parameters to tweak with, which is really ice. The delay & chorus are a mixture of several voices (up to 8) for which you assign the rate/delay/depth. You can have either have them in a 4 voice combination (w reverb) or a 8 voice combination (without reverb). Mixing so many voices might seem hip at first, but in my opinion, after 3,4 voices -- the whole sound becomes too complex, and I don't use settings with more than 4 voices at all. Regeneration rates (which determine the no of repeats) are slippery stuff -- it's easy to get annoying feedback onstage if you're not careful. I surely miss a phaser/tremolo/rotary speaker in this unit, though.


No problem with it yet.

General Comments

I use this thing with a sax (I'm no guitar player). Sax -> e608 Sennheiser clip-on -> Intellifex -> PA.


CONS: I'm not sure if it's the best for the money for my setup. I could use a cheaper multieffect with more capabilities than this. The Intellifex feels like something between those cheap onstage multieffects and studio equipment. Should be good in terms of sound onstage, but doesn't have too many effects to use alone onstage, and it's reverbs and etc. don't make it really pro, studio equipment. If you want good onstage reverbs -- then this unit won't probably disappoint you, however you should think about purchasing additional effects (money, money!). If you can afford it, then have a try.

However if you want to keep your rack simple and have a lot of effects -- it can be a problem with this effect.


Hard to tweak onstage. You have to program this beast before. And it is a problem if you play in different places (eg. changing reverbs when switching from club to outdoors...). An expression pedal is an option -- but that's just more and more money.


PROS: Good reverbs onstage. Nice delays (418 ms in most settings, at most about 1000 ms), ping pongs..etc. This effect adds to your sound, but doesn't change it -- it's fairly mellow and supports such an attitude (see above --> ease of use section).

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