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Sound Quality

I've used humbuckers, single coils, lace sensor and the fernandes sustainer with the Blues Jr. The clean low volume sound is muddy with every thing. The amp shines when it's overdriven. I've had great success with humbuckers and the fernandes sustainer. The reverb is nothing special, I have a reverb pedal so this was never a problem. This 15w amp can get LOUD. Do yourself a favor and make it scream with overdrive.


I've had it for 5 year and have NEVER had any problem with it. Just change the tubes every year or so, (depending on how much you play) and it'll treat you right.

General Comments

I've been playing for 6 odd years and have only played with working class gear, nothing too fancy. In my experience it's good bang for your buck. You can pick this amp up for 300 or so used. I wouldn't have bought this amp as a bedroom amp, but I feel that it works as garage practice amp. Save your big expensive gear for gigs and use this sucker for everything else.

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