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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play normally al kinds of stuffs. For exemple, last weekend, I had a gig playing James Brown, Police, and some gospel songs... also rock ballads (imagine Gary Moore) It has 11 amps models and some FXs like delay, reverb, compressor, auto wah, chorus... and they can be mixed. My Vox covers them all with ease. Overall, amp models sound very real and FXs are good. These days, all amp simulators (Line6, Vox, Roland...) are kind of `One Package for All¿¿ with minimum cost. So I do not have any complaints here. Some guys always say amp modelers sound very digital, sterile, bla bla bla... Hey, what you get is what you pay, right? This amp has real clean tone for some beautiful arpeggios to heavy distortion for searing, screaming lead tone. It¿¿s just that great! And it is quiet.


Just bought it two weeks ago. But it looks tough so I don¿¿t mind...

General Comments

With this price range!

Absolutely, this is one of the greatest amps in the market!

So try and buy one!

It covers from bedroom practice amp to medium size venue easily!

Sounds great and also looks great!

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