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Sound Quality

I use my stereo for this because there are some really cool stereo effects that don't sound as cool with a normal amp. I use a cheap Ibanez factury guitar, and it sounds really cool. It is not very noisy - in fact there is a noise reduction effect on it that cuts away all the noise from OD effects, although when you set it on 100 there is almost no sustain left. However, the octave pedal effect does not sound very cool - it does not have a natural tone when you octavise it.


You can certainly depend on it - I've never ever had any problems with it at all.

General Comments

I play all sort of music - blues, surf, rock, jazz - everything. And I can make all the sounds I want with it. I have been playing with the Korg AX1000G for a few months now, and I think it is extremely satisfying. If something should ever happen to it, get stolen or crashed, then I would certainly buy the same one again (unless another better effect board appears). It is definitely worth all the money - you gotta double up the price or triple it before you get anything better.

I love that it is so easy to use, and the sounds are extremely cool, even the OD sounds. There is also a cabinet feature that can copy all sorts of amps and stuff, and you can always modify every effect to make it suit your taste exactly.

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