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Sound Quality

I am using this unit by connecting the headphone jack to the line-in jack on my soundcard, so I cant really say wheather or not it sounds good on whatever amp. However the distortions sounds kinda weird, but I have little experience with tweaking guitar sounds, so I dont know. The distortion has the usual buzz sound if noisegate is turned off but I think thats the guitar (a LP clone made in China...) but im sure Bill Lawerance can fix that...


Well it looks like this unit has been around at least since 92, and it still works and sounds good, so im sure it will last a lot longer. I never gigged but if I gig I would probably use a big amp or something... with seperate pedals.

General Comments

I generally like playing heavy metal and rock, been playing off and on for like 2 years or so, but I was too carried away with building guitars that I didnt really pay too much attention to playing. If lost or stolen I probably would get a real amp or a digitech RP-100/200. What I love about this thing is that its made in USA (its like GOLD around here, USA made gears seem to cost 3 times as much as they are in the USA, even those "fenders" thats made in korea cost a fortune here for some reason), it does what I need it to do, sounds a lot better than plugged direct into the computer. What I REALLY hate about it is that its heavy as hell, no power switches (come on, when will they get it??) and the fact that its discontinued. For the price I paid its a good product though.

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