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Sound Quality

Used with Parker Fly Deluxe, Les Paul Custom and Wolfgang. I bought this amp originally as I'd out-grown my set-up but I'd only been playing 4 years and still wasn't sure where my head was going to go musically. I've turned out to be into funk, metal, jazz, rock (classic and modern), blues, hip-hop and pop. And this amp covers ALL bases. I can take it to any gig and KNOW it'll perform, regardless what's needed of me. However, then there's the question of authenticity. It does at best 80% versions of the sounds of the amps it's modelled on. For example, the Mesa Dual Rectifier sound is fantastic. But it doesn't do a good Marshall. You won't get that "kick in the chest" that a Soldano SLO-100 gives you through a 4x12, even if you plug this amp through a 4x12. Also, to get the cabinet emulators working, the 2x12 is pretty flat response - fine if you're using it with the modelling amp and cabint emulators, but it sounds naff as a slave cab to another amp (should you try that...) Bottom line: Excellent range of good usable sounds, but no truly "killer" tones. (But then I shoved a Soldano GTO Supercharger pedal in front of it and WOW...)


Totally dependable, bomb-proof build, have gigged without a backup regularly. Occasional scuffs to tolex. MAin complaint is that the lead to connect the floorboard is rather poor - it's never actually cut out on me, but the cable keeps wanting to come away from the end connectors. Duct tape...

General Comments

Been playing 10 years now, I've also played through Mesa Lonestar, Engl Powerball, H&K Triamp II (my other main amp) and a Fender Ultimate Chorus, plus loads of effects.


The AX'll always be in my amp collection. I love it's flexibility and usability. It's pretty intimidating at first glance, but well constructed and yes I'd buy it again...


BUT it never REALLY kicks. When you turn the volume up, it gets louder but not thicker. I do love it, and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a range of totally different tones in a one-stop shop.


The Vetta II still doesn't do 100% versions of classic amps... but I'll be interested to see where modelling goes in its 5th and 6th generations. The snobbery may yet need to end.


Final thought - don't use it to sound like Hendrix. It doesn't work, it'll never sound right. That's the whole problem with guitarists, we try to sound like our heroes and fail.


But use the AX to augment your own unique tones and it'll fly.

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