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Sound Quality

My only other disappointment with the JMP-1 is that I am having a hard time getting good clean sounds. This may be because I have not "diddled" with it enough, however none of the presets for clean are very pleasing to me. In comparision the Mesa Boogie V-Twin has a much nicer clean sound.That being said the distortion and high gain sounds are fantastic and make me realize why people craze that Marshall sound, and this preamp provides it! I also have a Roland VG-8 and having used that previously for some Marshall presets I can say the difference is night and day in terms of dynamics. I have used the JMP-1 with a Parker Fly with Dimarzio pickups and a Godin LGX with Seymour Duncan's. Oddly the band I played with complained about my sound being off when I used the Parker. Quite easily the best purchase I have made in a long time to add tone to my sound, and to make me enjoy playing even more! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for that Marshall sound.


I have had it for only 5 months, however I have had nary a problem with it.

General Comments

I have been playing for over 15 years and used many different amps, pedals, effects, etc.. and as I noted earlier this is one of the best purchases I have made for day in - day out usage. I would definately buy another if something happended to this one. Lastly just a reminder that you should try one before buying, because if you are looking for clean sounds as well then this might be suspect.

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