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Sound Quality

I'm using a Jackson PS6-T which is just a good guitar, despite the ordinary stock pickups (will get a pair EMGs soon). I'm running this thing through a Marshall EL34 50/50 power amp and a 1960B cabinet, and let me tell you this thing really rocks. The distortion you get is as brutal as you might want: with those pickups I can get decent long-sustained pinch harmonics at a gain of 16 of a max of 20 in the OD2 channel. OD1 channel is very vintage -not my style, but it sound awesome though. I haven't tryed the clean channels extensively yet, so read other opinions to get a decent descripction. Some words on noise: The unit is practically noiseless, but you must keep it away form any power amp because it picks the 50Hz hum (I live in Argentina). 1 or 2 rack spaces away from my power amp is good enough. Don't rate it 10 because I couldn't compare it with a Triaxis yet -that could leave it this way or make it a 10.


It's been a short time since I got it, so I can't tell well. Even though I bought it used and Nobody ever had any problem with it and it's build like a tank.

General Comments

I've been playing for 5 years now and I must say I have a nice piece of gear.

If it was lost or stolen I'd be mad because these things are quite hard to find here at this moment, and are quite expensive to us due to our deficient economy. But away from this fact, I'd like to try how good is a Triaxis compared to this thing.

Didn't like the fact that picks hum form a power amp that's close to it, but I can live with it.

Again for the overall rating, I don't give a 10 because I didn't have the chance to compare it with a triaxis. When I do, I'll come back and post it!

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