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Sound Quality

As for sound quality, the thing is killer. But bear in mind that this is a very colored mic so it really has to be what you are looking for. With mics, the sound is very up front and in-your-face and incredibly intimate. For most of what I do, this is exactly what I need. Bear in mind that there is a 'useable' range of gain. The pre goes up to 55dB of gain, but the end of that range gets insanely colored. Once you go past say 2 or 3 o'clock the sound starts to get wooly, you lose high and low end, and the noise floor comes up significantly (all of this can be good, depending on what you are going after). But below that, the sound is very open and very clean. I use the DI for several things. For tracking keyboards it's great, but I won't use it for electronic kicks because you do lose a little transient response. I use it after a V-Amp2 for direct guitar and it definitely improves the signal and gives you some tonal options by increasing gain. On bass this thing is an absolute monster!


I've had no problems with the unit and it seems to be built like a tank. That said, the XLR input is non-latching (lame!) so you have to be careful pulling out your cable as it relies mainly on a lot of friction - don't want to damage the jack of course.

General Comments

For bass and for guitars that use PODs and the like the Brick is an absolute no brainer. As a mic pre, it definitely depends on what you want. It's the cheapest true tube (non-toob) and tranny design that is actually a serious tool. But it comes at the cost of absolutely no features whatsoever - no pad, no phase, no HPF, etc. If you want a pre that can give you an up close and personal sound, this will definitely do it. If you want clean, technical vocals that are pushed back in the mix, then this pre is definitely NOT for you.

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