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Sound Quality

Like most boss pedals it's anything but subtle. Very rich with the distortion up, sustain for days but sound a little thin the distortion rolled back (especially with single coil pickups) it wouldn't be that great outside of a rock setting but does what its for well. It can be very harmonically sensitive which is both good and bad but lets the high end really shine. I haven't heard any of the noise that others have mentioned or any substantial tone suck, like most distortions the increased gain brings some buzz when you're not playing but nothing out of the ordinary.


Very dependable don't bother with batteries. Suck it up and get a powers-all it'll pay for itself in three shows.

General Comments

This pedal is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I'll usually run a big muff live but when I want to wank around the house this is usually in my set up, being more versatile with the EQ its easy to alter the tone when playing along to different recordings or to practice leads over a progression. Notes tend to slur together more than I would like with the low frequencies up but it's great in the high/mid range. If it were gone I'd probably get something else just because there's so much out there. I'd definitely be willing to buy a used one if I came across it, but wouldn't put up the money for a new one again.

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