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Sound Quality

I'm using this with A Marshall half stack, Digitech tsr-12, and a Rocktron pre-amp. This thing is not overly noisy but even with the bypass on you can hear the effect in the background (slightly). This is slight, but you'd wanna unplug it from your rack before recording direct. Aside form that this thing is pretty cool. It's awesome for making insane noise, if you are into that. the sweep features and hold features are great. The delays are nice and easy to program and change. For live shows this thing is solid, but if you are a freak about background noise, get something new.


Mine is old, but it has been reliable so far in every setting it has been used in.

General Comments

I play hardcore / punk rock / space rock / and I have a noise project and this thing is great for all of them. If you aren't buying this with the footswitch then pray you can find one or it's gonna be useless at live shows.


this thing rocks but don't drop a bunch of money on one.

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