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Sound Quality

I play a lot of current rock (alt. rock), pop punk like Green day, and the White Stripes. This guitar rocks hard! Fantastic sustain through my crappy Gorilla 50W Amp, all the way to my Fender CyberDeluxe and my Peavy Tube Amp. It is very hot.


This is definitely a gig guitar. Definitely more so then the originals, which you never know what you are going to get.


General Comments

I can't imagine playing any of my other axes for a long time. I own a Fender Fat Strat, G&L Broadcaster, Frankenstein (Which is my home assembled), Ibanez AS-73 Hollowbody, Tacoma Dreadnaught, and an Antique Kay Acoustic/Electris, and this is my favorite.

Reviewer's Background

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