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Sound Quality

I set the Master EQ this way: Bass 9 o'clock, Treble at 2 o'clock. "RHYTHM": Just a perfect boost channel. Really accentuates the sound of a tube amp being driven to its sweet spot. The range of gain is really good. At a low setting, it gives my tone a nice boost up. When you crank it, it really sings. This channel produces great tone, simply put. Grade: 10 "LEAD": also very good, but not *exactly* my preferred tone. I set the master EQ to maximize the "Rhythm" channel, so the Lead channel suffers slightly, although that's mostly my personal preference. It's a little thicker/creamier than I might want, but it certainly doesn't sound bad. I'm looking for a thinner/harsher fuzz tone. Grade: 8 Overall, I give it a 9 only because it's not exactly to my personal taste.


It feels really solid. The whole thing is metal other than the plastic chickenhead tone knobs (but those don't feel cheap by any means...just plastic.). Just a solid pedal, never any switching problems or scratchy pots or anything. No problems with the power supply either. It's really well manufactured. The one criticism I have is that while gigging, it's easy to knock the knobs out of setting because they turn very easily (especially on the Lead channel since it's closer to the switches), but it's something I'm getting more accustomed to the more I play it. Not a huge issue...just a small imperfection barely (but) worth mentioning.

General Comments

I play simple straightforward, slightly psychedelic rock (influenced by velvet underground/spacemen 3/rolling stones), and the Twin Tube is perfect. I've been playing for 15 years. I used to use an SG special until upgrading to a ES-335. It sounds fantastic, and as I upgraded my guitar and pickups, my overall tone (and indeed that which was effected by the pedal) really improved.


I would probably replace this pedal, but before doing so would try to find a boost pedal that competes with this. If I could do that as well as find a more personally ideal fuzz pedal, then I might go that route, but I love the way this thing sounds, so I would probably get another one.


Cranking this pedal through a cranked up tube amp is something to behold.

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