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Sound Quality

I play rock and heavy metal and I prefere a gorwling sound. But I think this bass wasn't made for this. A dark sound would be better for it. The bass sounds very hollow. The active electronic isn't well done. It sounds bad and something is wrong with it. The bass has an much to high output when the volume is turned up. It causes distortion. I changed the Volumepoti, but it doesen't get better. But the bass isn't noisy, that's great.


At this point it's well made. I think it can stand much! I equiped it with Security Locks so it can't loose the Strap when I play. The finish is also very good. It would need muche time to destroy it. Everthing works fine.

General Comments

All in all it's a nice bass for beginners or for home use.

But you can get better basses for this money.

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