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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I bought this unit(Barcus Berri BB Boosta Grande) for adding a little boost on my overdrive channel who mainly is my rytmh channel(Marshall JCM 600). The sound is amazing. This unit when activate allow me to play solo like Scorpions, Kiss, Van Halen,Cheap Trick, Streetheart, New England... and so on. When I deactivate it, I still maintain my cool Marshall tone. It is a true-bypass pedal.


General Comments

Been playing Rock since 1978, and with the help of some guitar amplifiers forums and harmony central, I have made a great, great choice.

At first I was going for a mod, but you just need to boost the signal with the BB Grande Booster.

My main guitar is Epiphone with GIBSON 57 pickups, and 57+ for the bridge.

It sounds great with the new pickups, before it sounded ok, but now along the Marshall JCM 600 and the BB Booster, i'm in heaven.

Also got a slap back echo.


Marshall and Gibson is a winning duo for rock.


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