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Sound Quality

The wah effect clearly sucks, In my opinion the wah effect on the zoom 505 itself sucks so the FP01 shouldn't help matters much. The pitch up and pitch down are cool especially the 2 octave pitch down thing rocks. What I like so much about it is that you can make your guitar sound like a bass guitar by carefully pressing on the pedal until you hear the octave between the guitar and the amp/headphones. Because the preset octave pitch on the zoom 505 mixes both the pitch down and the normal pitch, which is ok, but if you want just the bass, use the FP01 man. The pitch thing on the 505 sucks because they have a 5th and a 4th pitch thing but in metal they use 3rds, and you can achieve that using the pedal up setting. Just slowly press the pedal until you hear it. Then rock on.


I've only had it for a while, it was barely used when I got it so I can't rate it. But judging from what everyone else here is saying, its extremely poorly made. So I will take extra care with the FP01.

General Comments

Considering that I got the zoom 505 and the FP01 expression pedal for 66 bucks (5 S&H) in practically new conditions, I can't complain. But I pity those who shelled out much cash for the FP01 because its capabilities are very limited for the 505.

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