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Sound Quality

The sound qualitiy is excellent. Most buzz or hum that people complain about is present in their amps or pickups. The digital effects are amazing, especially Bigverb I have worked in the studio with this thing and we ran it through the patch bay to add reverb to the final mix it, is amazing.The wah is horrible though. first of all it is digital, wah should be analog, second of all it comes in the wrong palce in the effects chain, Wah should come before distoriton not after. Wah is this processor's only dow


I have had it for a yearNot one problem whatsoever. I would and have used in a few gigs, without a backup. Has not failed me yet.

General Comments

I love this pedal I would buy it again. I am getting the upgrade for the improvements that were made in the RP-12, and for the new effects. I wish you could change th eorder of effects, and i wish it used the 10 band graphic equalizer on more patches than one.The wah, as i mentioned before, is horrible. But I have a crybaby 535 pedal so it doesn't matter. I love the programabilit of this pedal. It will do whatever you want it to. Very easy to use once you know how.

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