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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Maby i'm just stupid but i cant seem to get a very clean clean channel. In order to get an ok clean channel you have to turn down the gain a lot which takes away a lot of volume, and still there is always some distortion. i'm currenly play with an epiphone les paul classic, and i have installed symore duncan SH-Distortion pickups on the bridge and the stock pickup is still in the neck. As I said before the numetal setting works best for metal but at high volumes it is horrible. It still sounds the same but it gives a ton of feedback, random loud anoying high pitch noises. Although i dont use the other amp models that much they seem to be quite good and definatly have a good tone. This amp is just not for metal.


Like everybody else has been saying, it would be very anyoning to gig with because you can never trust the settings you've saved to be there. the only thing that i've had a problem with is the nut on the input jack got lossed somewhere, but that was because i underestimated how long my cable was and so the nut had been loose for about 2 months before it finally fell off.

General Comments

I finally got sick of the distortion sucking and got an electro-harmonix metal muff pedal that has worked very well for me. I probably would not be upset if this amp got stolen or somehow lost. I really dont like a whole lot about this amp, and i've pretty much said why i hate it. For metal i would suggest a line 6 or a peavey mixed with your own effects.

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