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Sound Quality

My rig is this: 2000 Spector CRFM5 > DBX 160X > Boss TU2 > EBS Octabass > (early block logo) MXR Phase 90 > Dredge-Tone Angler > Ampeg SVT II Pro > Ampeg SVT 8x10. All I can say is KILLER! I had been searching for the sound that I get when I turn off the SVT II Pro and keep hitting strings as the tubes wind down - the Angler gives me this! I have tried most overdrives out there for bass and they all suck (haven't tried the new EBS Black Label Multidrive but will so I can compare). I definately recommend this pedal.


No problems - a workhorse.


General Comments

I have been playing for 25 years and this thing ROCKS! I play everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top. If it were "got quit" I would definately buy another one - it is my "secret weapon"

Reviewer's Background

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