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Sound Quality

I generally find the fx to be extreme! I personally like some of the distortions but they are a bit messy - more for the person who prefers a chainsaw to a hand axe. I have used the compression, reverb for vocals as well and they worked well.


I find it incredibly unreliable! It goes off into RP land somewhere and who knows when it will return (it usually does though). I think I'll take the power supply thingy out of the case and mount it externally with a fan - the RP-1 will burn a hole in a carpet if left on too long.

General Comments

I bought it for it's (then) versatility and good name - I read guitar mags :-). I thought it was overpriced 2nd hand but I couldn't find anything cheaper and comparable. I find it has inspired me to be creative on the guitar and makes playing for fun so much more fun - death to the neighbours - . No, I wouldn't buy it again at that price but would buy it for much cheaper - say R500 downwards.

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