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Sound Quality

I have a Gibson Les paul studio which essentially kicks ass and an Ibanez talman which I really like as well going through a fender stage 112 which kind of butchers the sound i'm going for(I haven't found it yet either) and the boss heavy metal distortion sure as hell didn't help! I hope this review ends up somewhere on the top of the page so that you can find out how much this pedal sucks with out reading someone elses crap review. No matter what you're trying to do with this thing it always leaves your tone sounding empty and hollow. If your using strait up or just to boost your own amps dist. for solos it just sounds like s**t. If you are thinking about buying one go try it out first because I wouldn't pay ten bucks for another one of these(maybe 5 but definately not 10)


boss pedals are all made very well except for the odd loose jack or lost knob. I only gave it a nine because this pedal blows

General Comments

I don't personally listen to heavy metal but I do love the big guitar sound most metal bands have. I enjoy playing the odd pantera riff here and there and that's why I think i bought the thing in the first place. Believe me all you metal freaks out there, don't be fooled by the words heavy metal on this piece crap because it isnt. If anyone out there actually likes this thing and wants to trade for it or buy it just give me a shout.

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