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Sound Quality

Guitar-Jackson DK2S with J90C (bridge pickup out of USA Charvel) Amp-Ampeg VH140C with GenzBenz 4x12 other FX-BBE Sonic Maximizer and Rocktron Hush and Compression Now with that covered you got to understand that you must have decent gear for this unit to sound good. This rule applies to most rackmounts. The digitech does a fine job of covering the fx department and my favorite patch is the Metal Guitar EQ which is excellent. Since I play metal it fits in my sound just great. Yes it can be noisey but that is what noisegates or for. Go buy one before you use this unit.


How could you break this thing? I havnt had this for to long but as all things take care of your stuff and itll be fine. Plus this unit is built like a tank.

General Comments

Of course,I play metal. I've been playing for 10 years and yes I play leads covering mostly Metallica and Megadeth songs. Now this is no Eventide so dont compare a $60 Digitech to a $2000+ Eventide. Plus as for this units age I feel it was made in the prime where the best music was written. So for it to sound like say 80s-90s thrash metal Thank God because new metal mostly sucks.

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