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Sound Quality

To be honest most of the stuff this pedal has to offer is really good. The amp models sound good and the metal distortion if really great. Very responsive and thick sounding. Shit pickups could give you a problem though. I mainly use the eq off of the amp so I set my channels eqs to treble 6, mids 10, bass 5. It really cuts through this way. The acoustic sim kicks ass too. All the effects are the way they should be, USABLE, unlike some pedals Ive had. Mod delay is great for lead channels. Dont count on using the expression pedal that much though, it just dosnt have any range. Its only really usable as a volume pedal.


buy another adaptor because the korg one is really crappy. I just got a one spot adaptor and that thing is way better. All metal casing is a big plus.

General Comments

Ive put so much money into boss and digitech its not even funny. Dont get me wrong theyre good companys but korg did something that they couldnt do. Make a great easy to use pedal for the right price. I know you could find boss and digitech pedals at this price range but they wont be as good as the korg. Remember this pedal is not really for the deep editor kind of guy but more for the working musician that needs good sounds. And Korg delivered.

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