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Al R.-BuUsc

Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I play American Strats, Les Pauls, Ibanez 1628 FBNT, and a Takamine ef 341 sc acoustic. I play mostly classic rock, jazz, and some country. This amp can easily handle any of these styles. The clean channel is not quite Fendery. It actually seems to have a fair amount of compression, without a pedal, making very easy to play clean and at higher volumes. This channel doesn't break up till you get to 6 or 7. The lead channel is a thing of beauty! You can dial in anything from a mild crunch, to just short of full blown metal. The Pauls will peal the paint off the walls and the single coils fall just short of that. No diasappointments here! I am very satisfied with how the amp retains it tonal character when switching from one channel to the other, regardless of the amount of gain dialed in to the lead channel. The trem sounds fantastic, although I am noticing a drop in volume when it is activated. Maybe a weak tube? It is nine years old and I bought it used. Anyway, I own a Fender 59 Bassman LTD, 73 Silverface Twin, Tech 21 Trademark 60, for my reference amps. I have owned many others over the years, as well, and I can honestly say that this amp is one of the most fun to play because it can cover so many varied styles of music, and has great TONE! OD & DIS PEDALS NOT NEEDED!!!


I have owned other Peaveys over the years and they seem to be built like tanks. My bass player still plays some old Peavey stuff from the 70's, and he's never ever had a problem. I have been using mine quite heavily since I purchased it, not too long ago, and it is quiet and non-glitchy, despite it's nine years of age. Given what my experience has been with Peavey and what others have wrote, I would feel comfortable gigging this amp without backup. Actually, I intend too. I will carry an extra set of tubes, just in case. The cool thing about this amp is that re-tubing it won't break you wallet.

General Comments

I have been playing for over 35 years. As I said above, I currently own a 59 Bassman LTD (which I absolutely love!), a 73 Silverface Twin Reverb, a Tech 21 Trademark 60 (best SS amp out there)and now the Delta Blues 210. By the way, I like the sound of the tighter mids you get from the 210's. I had been seriously shopping for a lower power tube amp when I stumbled on this one. I had played the 15" delta and really liked it. I just couldn't seem to find one at the price I wanted to pay. This became available so I snapped it up. The others under cosideration were Laney Lionheart, Blackheart, Orange Dual Terror(very cool amp!),Traynor Custom 50 Special. All great amps...but...at a price. If anything happens to this one, I would definately buy another one. I may anyway!

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