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Sound Quality

Awfully good, especially with brand new strings, but could be better. IT is a little nasal for my taste. The pick ups are considered the weak link by most and I will probably swap these for EMGs. The active mid control on newer ones might help too.


Only 2 cmplaints in 4 years. 1. The satin finish isn't the most durable. Lots of buckle scratches, nail scratches, rubbing off where I anchor my thumb. 2. HAd a bridge buzz problme when I switched strings. Cured by local shop.

General Comments

BEst valued bass I have ever seen. The features and fit & finish are as good as I have seen on a bass at any price. The tone is great for the price but could be a bit better. The spacing makes it kidn fo a bad bass if you are into aggressive right hand techniques like I am, but this is a subjective thing.

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