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Sound Quality

The noise gate does its thing well enough, but not without destroying your sound. Even with the threshold set all the way down, it cuts off the begining of the first note of a phrase. With my guitar, this isn't so bad, but when I play slap bass, it sucks, because you lose the initial attack. I didn't really want a gate, just a foot swittchable loop, but the gate can't be turned off.


I have owned numerous DOD products and never really had a problem, except that I lose knobs and battery doors fairly often.

General Comments

Normally, I like DOD products, but this one just kind of sucks. The 4 other peadals I have are great. This wouldn't be too bad, but there is no way to loose the annoying high threshold. I guess if you were to use a high noise set up (eg Gibson melody maker through an old amp) a noise gate would be useful, but my carvin bass doesn't make any noise anyway.

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