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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

its pretty noisy yeah.but only when youpumpup the volume a bit. the effects are strong and have a metallic, cool tone to it.i donno, try not to play blues or rock or something.getting a goodrock tone out of this is near impossible.now playing some metal is really easy.and its great for solos. most of the settings i use are fantastic. i dont have any complaint with the sound of the thing, except its noisy at high volume.



General Comments

i play metal, like megadeth¿¿¿slayer and sometimes death metal like cannibal corpse.i also play power metal, or melodeath.for all these genres, this pedal brings out a great sound.

but for my blues music, or hard rock/rock n roll stuff, its a bit too...cold.

if it got stolen or lost, i would buy this again.

buy the adaptor btw, its a pain to keep buying batteries.

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