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Sound Quality

I use this amp with several different guitars, but mostly a Steinberger GL2TA - primarily doing heavy rock. Wow! AC/DC sounds perfect; great 'hair-band' and 80s metal sounds, and you can even get fairly close to a Stevie Ray tone. You might get a better clean with a Fender Twin and you might really, really want on original Plexi for the vintage rock, but this thing comes closer than any other 'copy' amp I've heard. The versatility is awesome - as many different tones as a POD, but they actually sound good! If you can only use one head in your rig, this is a great choice.


Haven't had it long enough to voice an opinion.


General Comments

I've played through tons of amps over the past 25 years - Fenders, Marshalls, G-Ks, rack rigs, etc., and this one is the best single amp I've found yet. I'm keeping my Marshall and my MP-1 rack stack, but the Bogner will be my main gigging rig.


Again, you might find a particular amp that's better at a given application, but this is a great-sounding amp that is extremely versatile. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so you may not like it as much as I do.


As it stands, the single biggest detractor is that it is SO versatile. Keeping up with where everything is set can be a bit tough to get used to - it certainly isn't like using an old non-master Marshall with 5 knobs and an input jack! The only thing that could be a nice addition would be a MIDI control input. That said, there are several aftermarket units available that have more programmability than you would be likely to get in a factory option, so......


Bottom line: If you're looking for a serious workhorse multi-channel, multi-style all-tube amp, you should really find one of these to try.

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